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Ceiling Sander

Ceiling Sander


Per 4 Hour Hire

Ceiling/girraffe sander. Papers and vacuum extra cost

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Features & Benefits - Porter-Cable Sander

  • Allows apprentice or professional to finish walls & ceilings 3-4 times faster versus using a pole sander
  • Lightweight! Weighs only 3.6kgs
  • Collects 98% of drywall dust when used with a vacuum for a cleaner environment
  • 405W variable speed motor offers control for all types of finishes
  • Includes 100 grit revolutionary foam-backed pad for smooth, desirable finish

Features & Benefits -  Vacuum

  • Wet & Dry
  • Bag Free use in non-hazardous applications
  • Sturdy folded cartridge filter
  • Overflow protection
  • Carrying handle with practical cable and hose coil
  • Storage space e.g. for tool

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Vacuum extra costs

Sand papers

Sanding papers extra costs


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