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Crommelins Square Buff

Crommelins Square Buff


Per 4 Hour Hire

Crommelins square buff polisher/sander. Pads and papers extra cost

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Heavy Duty Cast Aluminium Frame, 3000 Orbits per Minute

The random-orbital sanding action OBS18DC Orbital Sander removes the scratch patterns left by rotary or drum sanders, leaving a smooth, flat floor ready for refinishing. At 3,000 orbits per minute, the machine sands faster than any other orbital sander available. With torque-less operation for enhanced operator comfort, the OBS18DC is perfect for interim “screen and re-coat” and fine finish jobs. Floor polishing pads are also available. A bristle dust skirt aids in dust containment. It also has a totally enclosed, fan cooled 750w motor to eliminate overheating and the need for motor cleaning.

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Sand papers and scotch guard pad extra charge


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