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Digger Auger Drive

Digger Auger Drive


Per 4 Hour Hire

Digger auger drive to suit dingo mini loader or 1.7t excavator. Augers from 90mm to 740mm

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The Post Hole Digger (PHD) is one of the most powerful attachments for the Dingo, easily able to out-dig many larger machines.​

The Dingo PHD is fitted with and 8:1 reduction gear box that gives enough torque to dig holes up to a 750mm diameter and up to a depth of 3m. You can dig to 1.5m with a standard auger, up to 2m with an Auger Extension and 3m with the Pinocchio Extension.​

With the correct digging teeth fitted, the Dingo can be used to dig through concrete, sandstone, reinforced road base and bitumen.​

Auger Mate – This handy tool is part of the multi tool kit and allows you to lift heavy augers off your trailer, saving your back.​

Post Mate – This handy tool is unique to Dingo and allows you to increase your down-force on the auger in tough digging. The post mate is also useful for lifting the wheels off the ground when changing your tyres. Don’t buy a PHD without the Post Mate. It’s that useful!

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Please make sure hoses are clean from sand/dirt before connecting


This item comes with 1 auger bit included in price.