Dingo Dumpa

Dingo Dumpa
Dingo Dumpa



Also available for $236 per 4 hours.

Dingo dumpa. 920kg. SWL 600KG. 48cu/m flat. 53cu/m heaped. Petrol engine. Comes on a 2 tonne rated trailer.

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The New Dingo Dumpa is the perfect companion for the Dingo when it comes to shifting loose material.

The Dumpa will not only take the material away (around 5 Dingo k93 buckets at a time) but can also load the material directly into the skip or small tipper truck. This unique ability to shift and load saves double handling material when loading the truck.

The Dumpa is narrow 810mm/980mm enough to fit through a standard doorway, making it great for site cleanups, inside buildings, and getting into back yards.

When dumping loose material onto the ground the front edge of the bucket can be used to roughly level out the material when the bucket is in the forward tilt position.

There are 2 models of Dumpa - 18hp for normal use and a 23hp model which has an overdrive "box" for faster grounds speed (needed for longer travel distances).

Both models can have an auxiliary hydraulics circuit installed if required for the running of hand tools (eg. hand operated hydraulic jack hammers, demo saws, etc).

Additional information


Both these dingo dumpas come on trailers included in the hire costs.


The Dingo goes out full of fuel and must come back full


18/23 hp

Hydraulic Pumps


Hydraulic Relief Pressure

3400 psi

Pump Sizes

9 cc

Hydraulic Pump Output

32 l/m

Travel Speed

0-6 km/h

Capacity Struck

0.48 cu m

Capacity Heaped

0.53 cu m

Safe Working Load

500 kg

Hydraulic Reservoir

40 L

Machine Mass

920 kg

Wheel Motors

4 x 29 cu in

Auxiliary Outlets

1 (Optional)