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Dingo K95 Tracked Contractor Digger

Dingo K95 Tracked Contractor Digger


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Dingo K95 Tracked machine 1080mm wide SWL 300kg comes on trailer

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The New Dingo K9C is based on the previous K95 and Contractor chassis and remains almost unchanged. Featuring the same 8.4cc+8.4cc+6cc triple pump combination which can flow a maximum of 73 L/min which allows for incredible ground speed, bucket work and general efficiency. The K9C is the highest performing mini digger on the market powered by the bulletproof Yanmar TNV80 27hp diesel engine which now complies with Tier 4 regulations. This updated engine has an increased capacity resulting in less noise and better torque with much less emissions without the need for a DPF or SCR AdBlue systems.

The dual circuit dual direction auxiliary output on the K9C allows all dual circuit hydraulic attachments to be used and delivers a maximum of 50L/min at a massive 3400 psi. The Yanmar diesel is highly suitable for continuous load with attachments and a hydraulic oil cooler is fitted to allow extreme continuous load to be managed all day long.

In Western Australia we equip the K9C with 10" rims and 20" sand tires as standard to increase flotation on our sandy terrain. For hard pack and rough ground applications a lug tire is a stronger and longer lasting option. Poly track kit is an option available which again increases flotation however we only recommend this kit when 100% necessary as the increased wear and tear increases running cost.

The new range uses the same hitch design, so your existing attachments will fit straight on. We offer over 50 attachment options in stock ready to work. Remember the Dingo is a great tool carrier, without the right tools you may not be working as efficiently as possible.

Your new Dingo K9C is covered by a 3 year / 1000 hour manufacture's full machine warranty.

Additional information


This dingo comes on trailer included in cost


This Dingo goes out full of fuel and must come back full to avoid extra costs.


27hp TNV80 Diesel




1050mm / 850mm

Bucket lift height


Std Wheel

20x10x8 Sand Tyre

Hyd pumps

3 (2×8.4cc + 1x6cc)

Max machine hyd flow


Max auxiliary flow


Max auxiliary pressure

3400 psi

Max speed


Tipping load: 880kg


Safe working load (50%)



3 years / 1000 hours



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