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Dingo Rock Breaker

Dingo Rock Breaker


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Dingo rock breaker

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The Dingo Breaker is one of the greatest labour savers when compared with using hand held jack hammers. Noise and vibrations are reduced to a minimum as the mono-block structure is vulcanised in a unique body with the external case by means of a patented polyurethane solution. The reduced vibration means the linkages in the arms of your Dingo are protected from harmful micro vibrations that lead to premature wear of machine bushes. The unique stepped piston design, delivers maximum energy to the chisel and minimum recoil to the breaker body.​

The DMS breakers have an advanced modular hydraulic brake. When the tool is not in contact with the rock the oil supply is automatically recycled and pressure strokes are avoided.​

A special valve stabilises the working pressure no matter what the oil flow is therefore keeping the energy stroke constant.

​The Dingo Breaker is Ideal for:​

  • Breaking driveways and footpaths
  • Breaking rocks in trenches and in post holes
  • Chiselling tiles
  • Demolishing brick walls
  • All kind of demolition work

Additional information


Please make sure hoses are clean of dirt/sand before connecting

Energy for Stroke

240 Joule

Maximum Frequency

1200 c/min

Maximum Working Pressure

120 Bar

Maximum Oil Flow

27-40 lt/min

Approx Weight(inc mount)




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