Wacker DPU4045 Diesel Compactor

Wacker DPU4045 Diesel Compactor


Per 4 Hour Hire

Wacker DPU4045 diesel forward reverse 376kg 40kn 69hz. Comes on tilting trailer with winch.

Also available for $220 per 24 hours.

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Thanks to its excellent compaction force combined with a quick forward and reverse travel direction, the DPU4045 offers a high level of productivity. It is equipped with a Yanmar diesel engine and is an all-rounder for all job sites where high demands are placed on the performance efficiency of a unit. In addition, it offers excellent characteristics in terms of service life and operating comfort. Optimal application areas are the compaction of frost coverings and subbases in street, path and parking lot construction as well as backfilling buildings. Thanks to a frequency of 69 Hz, the DPU4045 is universally applicable and even reliably compacts medium-weight interlocking paving stones.

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This compactor comes on tilting trailer with winch.

Operating weight

376 kg

Centrifugal force

40 kN

Base plate size (W x L)

440 x 900 mm

Base plate thickness

12 mm

Height (without center pole)

764 mm

Operating width (with extension plate)

600 mm


69 Hz

Hand-arm vibrations

< 2.5 m/s²

Advance travel max. (dependent on soil and environmental impacts)

24 m/min

Surface capacity max. (dependent on soil and environmental impacts)

870 m²/h

Transport height

1,514 mm

Transport length

1,048 mm

Transport width

780 mm

Engine / Motor type

Air-cooled single cylinder four-cycle diesel engine

Engine / Motor manufacturer


Engine / Motor



320 cm³

Engine performance max. (DIN ISO 3046 IFN)

4.5 kW

at rpm

3,000 rpm

Operating performance max. (DIN ISO 3046 IFN)

4.3 kW

Fuel consumption

1.4 l/h

Fuel tank capacity

3.3 l

Power transmission

From the drive motor via the centrifugal clutch and V-belt directly to the exciter

Fuel type