The Hire Guys place  the safety of its employees and its customers at the highest level. With this in mind we take extra care when preparing our equipment for hire. From electrical checks to satisfy State Legislation and worksafe requirments, and our own high industry standards, to the routine everyday maintenance, we ensure it performs for you the way it was intended by the manufacturer, and is safe for you to use.

Any machinery can be dangerous if it is not used correctly. So when you hire from us we will not only give you a safety sheet, but also run through the operation of the equipment with you, pointing out its safety features and the correct way in which it should be used.

All our staff members are available to give you a operational  advice on the safe handling of the equipment you are about  hire.  Your safety is important to us and should you need extra help please ask  as the more you know then the safer you will be.


The equipment from THE HIRE GUYS is maintained as per manufacturers specifications unless otherwise instructed to meet OH&S (occupational health and safety) regulations.

Major maintenance and repairs are carried out by only qualified staff. Details of work carried out is recorded via job cards and stored as set out by OH&S requirements.

All equipment is checked and tested prior to every hire and that test is logged in the register with the operator's name. Electrical testing is performed prior to every hire by qualified licensed staff only and test is logged in the Electrical Test register as per OH&S requirements.

Any equipment that does not meet manufacturer's specification or comply with any OH&S directive is appropriately tagged and removed from service immediately.